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ROHN 80 / 90 Tower Series

ROHN’s 80/90 Series Towers are designed specifically for microwave installations, cellular, PCS, other heavy duty communication, TV and FM broadcast, and meteorological equipment installations. This series has a rating for installation up to 1000 feet, using variable size and weight of tubular or solid steel components. Each 80/90 tower is individually engineered to meet the stringent specifications of your particular job.

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The 80/90 Series ROHN Towers are constructed in an equilateral triangular pattern with either steel pipe or solid steel legs and tubular or angle steel cross bracing with bolted construction. The triangular size is 41” on leg centers for the No. 80 Tower and 60.5” on leg centers for the No. 90 Tower. The diameter of the tower legs vary to meet the requirements of the installation. This feature permits considerable flexibility in supplying a tower tailored to specifically meet and adequately handle the equipment to be installed.



  • Time tested design
  • Steel pipe or solid steel leg design
  • Tubular or angle steel cross bracing with bolted construction
  • For applications to 1000 feet
  • Custom designs, individually engineered
  • All parts Hot Dip Galvanized after fabrication


The “X” brace design of the 80/90 Series maximizes strength in  critical areas as well as allows for future upgrading of the tower for  additional loads. And Hot Dip Galvanizing all components after  fabrication adds strength and durability. This protects all areas of the  tower with a minimum of 2 ounces of molten zinc per square foot of  surface applied. throughout. 

The variations are

  • #80 Tower Pipe,
  • #80 Tower Solid,
  • #90 Tower Pipe,
  • and the #90 Tower Solid.

The #80 Tower Pipe (#80) is a guyed tower with a 41” face.  It’s designed for individual needs, making it the most  economical structure that will still meet your exacting  standards for a multiple use tower.

The #80 Tower Solid (#80SR) is a solid member guyed tower  with a 41” face. This tower is custom designed with all the  attributes of the #80, and is for use in those instances  where a solid structure is preferred.

The #90 Tower Pipe (#90) is a guyed tower with a 60” face.  This tower is individually engineered for heavy duty  applications such as large diameter microwave situations and  severe environmental conditions. It’s also ideal for  collocation of multiple carriers.

The #90 Tower Solid (#90SR) is a solid member guyed tower  with a 60” face. This tower offers another option in ROHN’s  line of heavy duty guyed towers where extreme loads and  maximum heights are necessary.

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