Tower & Site Accessories

ROHN offers Side Arms , Leg Dish Mounts , Face Dish Mounts , Waveguide Brackets & Climbing Ladders  to meet a variety of communication tower needs such as Cellular, PCS, Wireless Cable, Microwave, Wireless Internet, WiFi Hot Spots, DBS, MDS, MMDS and UHF/VHF reception.

Designed and engineered to handle the job of getting above ground interference, each tower mount has been researched and developed to serve a specific purpose.

With professionally engineered construction, you can be assured you're getting a virtually maintenance-free product built to the highest standards. And because our  mounts are hot-dip galvanized after fabrication, our  mounts won't rust.

Additional features Notes include :

  • Offer both Straight/ Tapered Mounts 
  • Galvanized for corrosion protection
  • Custom side arms and tiebacks  available
  • Check for leg size 
  • Quickly shipped and ;quickly assembled
  • Minimum bolted connections
  • Includes all hardware to attach mounts 
  • Some models are UPS shippable

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