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The ROHN RT Series Self-Supporting Towers

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About The Rohn RT Series Tower

The ROHN Pre-engineered RT towers consist of three standard series Light, Medium and Heavy. The standard Rohn RT tower series can be used for Risk Category I, 11, Ill and IV structures and have been designed for multiple uses including:

  • Cellular, PCS and Other Two-way Communications Towers
  • Microwave
  • Public Safety
  • Broadcast
  • Surveillance & Security Camera Mounts
  • Weather Stations
  • Sports Lighting

Available Accessories

Rohn also offers a wide variety of accessories designed to be used with the Rohn RT towers including:

  • Tower Antenna Mounts
  • Tower Side Arms,
  • Tower Dish Mounts,
  • Tower Platforms,
  • Lighting & Grounding Accessories,
  • Tower Climbing Ladders,
  • Waveguide Ladders,
  • Safety Climbing Devices,
  • Mounting Frames,
  • Ice Shields

Rohn RT Tower Features

The benefits of choosing the ROHN Standard Series RT towers can result in rapid deployments with significantly reduced shipping and installation schedules. Plus all RT Towers include these great features

  • Standard Series available in heights from 100' up to 190'
  • High strength 50,000 psi (50 ksi) legs, angle bracing and connection plates
  • High strength structural bolts
  • Round legs for easy mounting of antennas, mounts and other accessories
  • Compatible with ROHN Standard accessories
  • Hot-Dip Galvanized after fabrication for unmatched corrosion protection
  • Open cross section at ends of legs for complete galvanizing protection
  • Knockdown bolted construction for efficient shipping, assembly and future upgrades
  • Complete assembly drawings package provided with the tower
  • Standard and site-specific foundation designs available upon request
  • PE Certification available for standard or site-specific applications
  • Custom tower designs available for heights up to 350', upon request
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