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PPC/Belden RG6 Coaxial Cable 77% White 500 Feet Digital


PVC Jacket

Reel No Box 
Flame Retardant
UV Resistant
(2)100% Foil Coverage
(1)77% Braid
Tri Shield!

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Price: $34.95
Manufacturer Code: P6ET77VVWLF-500
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P6ET77VVWLF-500 PPC/Belden 500' Reel White RG6 Tri-Shield Coaxial Cable 2.2 GHz HDTV DTV

This is the same Commercial Grade your local Cable TV company uses to wire your House or Office Building in a convenient 500 Reel in Box. Our Customers use this in their Homes for HDTV and Hi Speed Internet Systems. It Features CCS Center Conductor, Dialectric Foam, Bonded Laminated Aluminum Tape inner Shield, 77% Braid Shield Middle Layer, Outer 3rd Layer of Laminated Aluminum Tape, all encased in an Outer PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) Jacket...
Tri-Shield - Based on a Tri-Shield standard cable construction of fully bonded foil alternated with a layer of shielding braid, Tri-Shield adds an additional surrounding layer of foil to improve transmission reliability by means of an additional interference barrier. The industry standard workhorse, it provides ample conductance for most drop applications up to 150 feet in length.


This is the same Commercial Grade Low Loss White Cable (in a 500 foot reel) your local Cable TV company and Satellite TV Professionals use to wire your House for Service. Our Customers use this in the Interior or Exterior of their Home to distribute Satellite TV, Cable TV, TV Antenna to individual TV Set's and Cable Modem locations in short run segments.





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Spec Sheet
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Tri-Shield RG6 will have 77% Braided Aluminum Shield Coverage Between 2 Layers of Aluminum Foil Shield, the 1st Foil Layer being Bonded to the Foam Dialectric. This an economical advantage to Quad Shield. Tri-Shield of the same material composition when compared Quad Shield will register the same signal Loss, with nearly the same Interference rejection qualities, at a minimum of cost increase as compared to regular 60% Braided Shield Coaxial Cable of the same material composition. The difference in flexibility as compared to Quad Shield is the mitigating factor for most installers as the chases and Wall-Plate spaces provided do not afford the luxury of the greater minimum bending radius needed when installing Quad Shield Cables.

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