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RG-6 Aerial Cable

TFC Tri-Shield 77% RG6 Cable with Messenger Wire 1000 FT

1000 FT Tri-Shield ShieldX RG6 Cable with Messenger Wire
Price: $84.00
Manufacturer Code: T6TSFX77-LTV
Average Rating: 5
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TFC T6TSFx77-LTV 1000' REEL RG6 Aerial Messengered Coaxial Cable
Designed for enhanced shielding, targeting today's LTE interference problems...

TFC RG6 Quad Shield 60/40% Braid Design Cable with Messenger Wire 1000 FT

TFC T6TQ60/40-LTV  RG6 Quad-Shield 60/40% Braid Aerial Messengered Coaxial Cable
Price: $92.00
Manufacturer Code: T6Q60/40-LTV
Average Rating: 5
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TFC T6TSFx77-LTV 1000' REEL RG6 Quad Shield Aerial Messengered Coaxial Cable
Designed for enhanced shielding, targeting today's LTE interference problems...

RG6 Aerial Messenger Cable

The days of self-supporting cable by wrapping it around a Tree are gone. If you intend to invest in Cable Plant that will be placed from Building to Building, or Pole to Pole, we encourage you to use the Products we Offer that were designed Specifically for this purpose. Wthin this Category, we have also placed Coaxial Cable whose Messenger also doubles as a Ground, for Satellite Feed Installation Use and Grounding. Our Customers typically use these Products in the following Scenarios:

Mobile Home Parks- Where they are Administrating their own Cable TV or SMATV System with Aerial Outside Plant running on the same Pole line that feeds Telephone and Power to the Lots. Aerial is cheaper to install and easier to maintain. Along these same Pole lines, Modulated Security Camera feeds run through this cable, each independantly from a camera to a Central Location for further processing and recording. Once processed and combined as TV channels along with the others offered, they distribute these Camera Feeds for residents to monitor their guests and service appointments arrivals and departures, sharing the Security Responsibility with all.

Small Apartment, Condominium, Hotel and Motel Complexes not only use this cable for Strategically placed Security Camera Feeds from the Roof of the Building(s), but as a very economical means of MATV Antenna Installation. Where the managers of the Property may have provided Cable TV or Satellite (SMATV) systems on the Properties, some Tenants may not be able to afford it, having One Antenna on the roof to feed those residents opting for Free Off-Air TV beats having several located on the Balconies. Antenna Reception may not be equal at any location on the Property, and only one or several locations my be deemed sufficient in Signal Quality or Asthetics concerns. Building to Building Coaxial Cable Feeds run aerially may be the answer if it is limited to one cable run point to point strategically as not to detract from the ambience.

The same Antenna location issues are faced by Home Property owners Large and Small. There may be only one location not blocked by Trees or other buildings to locate the Antenna, and of course, the signal is needed some place else. Again, Aerial Placement of Coaxial Cable feeds is cheaper than Underground Placement.

We are here because we don't just Sell these Products, we use them also. We have decades of experience around the World in System Construction and Maintainance. So don't be shy, call us with your particular need, and let's see what we can come up with for a Solution (besides, Free Advice!)

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