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Analog Off-Air TV Channel to Digital CATV Processor 860Mhz HPH-860AD

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HOLLAND Electronics HPH-860AD CATV Broadband Analog to Digital Processor 860Mhz Rack Mount
The HPH-860 frequency agile processors have been designed to convert any off-air cable channel input to any cable channel. All channel conversions are performed using simple front panel buttons and a large LED display indicating input and output channels. Frequency control is accomplished by a microprocessor controlled, PLL synthesized tuning circuit to assure accurate, stable operation. The HPH-860AD hetrodyne processor can be used to process digital off-air or cable channels while retaining the digital format.

60 dBmV Output
Precise Signal Regulation
Front Panel LED Channel Display
Switching Power Supply
(Operates from 90-260 VAC)

Specification Sheet
Spec Sheet
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CATV and SMATV System Headend Equipment, Digital Headend Equipment, Radio & TV Broadcasting Equipment, and headend racked equipment systems with Modulators, Processors, and demodulators from such leading manufacturers as:


Cisco-Scientific Atlanta, Motorola, Holland, and TVC

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