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Wingard DS-3000 J Pipe Mount for Satellite Dish TV Antenna

39 inch Long
Powder Coat
Off-Air Antenna Mount
Satellite Dish mount
Hardware Included
Price: $23.00
Manufacturer Code: DS-3000
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WineGard DS-3000 39" J Pipe Mast Mount 1.66" OD for DISH DirecTV WiFi Off-Air Antenna
Designed to Wall or Roof Mount most DirecTV, DISH Network Satellite Dishes up to 20 inch Diameter or medium sized Off-Air Antennae. Pipe is made of galvanized steel, 39 long, wall thickness.060, 1.66 OD. Mount is powder coated for Maximum Weather Protection For use with outdoor Off-Air Antennas.
  • Powder Coated Steel Pipe
  • 39" long in length, top of mount stands 39" above mounted location
  • Steel wall thickness is.060"
  • Pipe outer diameter is 1.66"
  • Electro-applied grey coating for maximum protection against the elements
  • Not designed to hold large antennas
  • Hardware for mounting to this mast should come with the antenna or dish

Note: Dishes larger and up to 39 inches in Diameter or width would require substantial bracing or additional bracketing to withstand the windload created by such large antenna and still keep aim.
Specification Sheet
Spec Sheet
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Choosing Roof Base Mounts for Telescopic Antenna Masts

Our roof mounts are made for quality by manufacturers with a history in the field of proven success and longevity.

Whether you are planning to install your antenna and mount to the roof peak, gable, vent pipe, chimney or pitch, plan your installation to minimize the structural and aesthetic impact to your house or building.

Height is the key in optimizing your ability to capture the best line-of-sight possible to your target. To get reception is to get above obstructions that exist between you and your target. As you increase your target distance, you increase the territory you must account for in maintaining line-of-sight. The roof of any building provides a logical platform of height in which line-of-sight is more likely to occur, or from which, more height can easily be obtained.

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