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Beam Clamp for Threaded Cable Management Wire Ring-Pack of 25

1/4" diameter shaft with 20 threads per inch.
Price: $21.83
Manufacturer Code: SKY5005
Availability: Usually ships in 24 Hrs
Skywalker SKY5005 Heavy Duty Metal Beam Clamps
Use this clamp to secure threaded wire rings like the SKY5004 2 inch Threaded Ring for Bundled Cable Attachment to metal surfaces. Easy and efficient Management of drop cable across metal buildings and beams.

Bolt size: 1/4" diameter shaft with 20 threads per inch.
Quantity: 25pcs
Weight: 4.0 lbs (pkg of 25)

Note: The greatest challenge when installing Cable TV, Antenna, Satellite, CCTV, Signal or Alarm Systems is routing and cable Management. This item is indispensible for accomplishing both. So many varieties and colors here that you won't find at the Hardware store on the weekend. So plan ahead and take advantage of bulk quantities for sale here.
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