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ROHN 25G Tower DBS Dish Antenna Mount (2.375" O.D.) - KY2068A2

Hot Dip Galvanized
2 Side Arm accessory
Fits to 25G Main Section
2.375 inch DIA Pipe
Price: $183.95
Manufacturer Code: KY2068A2
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ROHN KY2068A2 DBS DISH Antenna Side Arm Assembly Mount with 2.375" OD Mast
For 25G tower Mounting Direct Broadcast Satellite Dish Antenna on 2.375 inch DIA, 3 foot long Heavy Duty Hot Dip Galvanized version of the Side Arm Assembly of the ROHN 25G Tower. Bolts to 2 Straight Rails of a 25G tower Section. Antenna Support Assembly includes support brackets, clamps, and mounting pipe. Mounting Pipe Sizes are associated with these part numbers and Descriptions:

KY2068A15 - 1.50 inch OD x 3 Foot Pipe
KY2068A16 - 1.66 inch OD x 3 Foot Pipe
KY2068A2 - 2.38 inch OD x 3 Foot Pipe

The Installation of a ROHN TA25 Tower Torque Arm Stabilizer Assembly Anti-twist device located in the area of the Antennas may be advantageous. The 25G Tower can be used guyed, self-supporting or bracketed configurations according to specifications in the ROHN Tower catalog. Consult ROHN Catalog Links at Footer Section below for ROHN 25G Tower Details.

Note: ROHN KY2068A2 is a Hot Dip Galvanized Mounting Pipe Version of this DBS (Direct Broadcast Satellite) Side Arm Antenna Mounting Assembly for the ROHN 25G Tower. Depending on the Type of ROHN 25G Tower Installation and Height that you have, an Anti-Twist Guying Mount like the ROHN TA25 may reduce Satellite Signal loss due to Sway and Wind Load Flexing. The ROHN DDM238 is a Pre-Galvanized (Mounting Pipe is Lighter, Galvanized, then tooled and Machined into Finished Product) Version of this Item. American Made. Buy ROHN, Buy American.
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