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ROHN UHF25G 25G Tower Side Arm Whip Antenna Mount - UHF25G

Hot Dip Galvanized
With Clamp Hardware
Supports Antennas
(2) Rail Side Mount
Price: $43.00
Manufacturer Code: UHF25G
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ROHN UHF25G Side Arm Whip Antenna Mount for 25G Tower
For UHF & FM Whip Antennas. Fastens with Saddle Clamp to Antenna Post and "U" Bolts to the ROHN 25G Tower Section Rail. Projects your Antenna mast held in the clamp (up to 1.25 inches in Diameter with bolts supplied) to distance of 12 inches from the tubular side rail of the tower face to which it is attached. If there is any question of flexion in this mount, get two of them and clamp your mast with some distance between the two. The mount is 7/32 inch thick (almost 1/4) and is just about an inch wide. It's Hot Dip Galvanized, it's tuff stuff. The ROHN 25G tower is a popular choice for large VHF/UHF antennas and medium sized HF antennas. As a guyed structure, the ROHN 25G can rise to a maximum of 190 feet. Consult ROHN Catalog Links at Footer Section below for ROHN 25G Tower Details.

Note: ROHN Produces this UHF and FM Whip Antenna Mount specifically for the 25G Tower. Saddle Clamp for the Antenna Post, "U" Bolts secure the mount to the ROHN 25G Side Rails. American Steel. Buy ROHN, Buy American.
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