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ROHN 25G 45G 55G Heavy Duty Universal House Bracket (18-36") - HBUTVRO

Hot Dip Galvanized
Bolted Joints
Rail Clamps included
Can be used in:
Bracketed Config.s
Price: $296.00
Manufacturer Code: HBUTVRO
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ROHN HBUTVRO 18"-36" Heavy Duty Universal Adjustable Tower Bracket
For 25G 45G 55G Standoff up to 36". This HBUTVRO Wall Bracket is Adjustable and Specified for use in 25G 45G 55G Bracketed Tower Installations. Comes with Adjustment Bolts and Rail Clamps. Consult ROHN Catalog Links at Footer Section below for ROHN Bracketed Tower Details.

Note: Bracketed Towers are Specifically useful when your project calls for a Tower to rise above the building's height, but for various asthetic and Weight Bearing Load considerations, cannot construct the tower upon the roof itself. The Bracket Tower Scenario relies on the Building's Load Bearing Outside Wall, using a portion of it to bolt on the base and first bracket, establishing a secure cantilever, whereupon the tower can rise as a Self-Supporting Structure above the building's roof without unsightly guy wires or a ground presence below. Self-Supporting Towers are limited in Height due to the nature of Antenna and Ice loads versus the Cantilever Nature Of Wind against them, offset by the weight of the Foundation and the cohesive of the soil to counter Tower tipover, as well as the strength of the tower members to withstand these Forces against them. ROHN Tower Kits are designed based on assumptions made regarding Windspeed, EPA (Antenna Load), Height, Standard Soil Conditions, Surrounding Environment and Duty. The Pre-packaged Kits contain the parts called for based on this Stock Design. The Stock Design of these Kits does not account for the Variations of Historic Windspeed, Number of Antenna(e) Loading at Specific Height(s), Soil Engineering recommendations, Adjacent Structures, Communications Purpose, or Geo-Political Rules, Laws and Codes That will be Applicable to Your Project. It is Recommended that you take the time to engage an local Engineer that has the expertise and available Information necessary to evaluate the Stock design for Applicability, and/or find the Tower Quote Data Sheet Form by clicking the link that appears on the Footer of this Page Below. *Per Rev G requirements, any structure greater than 10 ft requires a climber safety device. ROHN G-Series Bracketed towers can be installed adjacent to buildings using this bracket to secure the tower in one or two locations along the height of the structure.
Specification Sheet
Spec Sheet
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ROHN Products, LLC Foundation and Base Plate Engineering Documentation Provided by ROHN is available here as a Resource, but is by no means complete by itself or a susbstitution for Engineering Conducted Specific to your Application. When Selecting a Base for Your ROHN 45GSR Tower, please evaluate that Structure or Foundation as being conducive to the Plan you envision. As always, Consult your Local Structural Engineer, Building Code and NEC for guidance to Properly Installing and Grounding your ROHN 45GSR Tower Installation.

ROHN Products, LLC manufactures Mounting Brackets to Attach to, and derive Support from your ROHN 45GSR Tower in both Self-Supporting and Guyed Installations. Assure yourself through Investigation that the Load you wish to add to the ROHN 45GSR Tower is Engineered into the total Load. As always, Consult your Local Structural Engineer and Building Code for guidance.

ROHN Products, LLC manufactures Mounts to Facilitate Attachment of Popular Antenna Designs for a Multitude of Applications, including but not limited to; Wireless Internet, Amateur Radio, Cellular Telephone, SCADA, Telemetry, PCS, Microwave Point to Point, Microwave Point to Multi-Point, MDS, MMDS, Broadcast, Off-Air TV, Satellite TV, DBS, WI-FI, Business Band or CB Antenna Installations. Most Antenna Mounts differences involve the Diameter and Length of the Masting used, or to be applied for Use with the Particular Antenna Dimensions and Wind Loading involved. Wind Loading, Antenna Loading and Wind Survivability ratings vs. Height Documentation Provided by ROHN is available here as a Resource, but is by no means complete by itself or a susbstitution for Engineering Conducted Specific to your Application. Contact Us with any Questions you may have regarding Use prior to Purchase.

All Information regarding the ROHN 45GSR Tower line, Parts and Accessories is as accurate and complete as we can possibly provide given that this Resource Offering is subject to change without Notice and is beyond Our Control.

ROHN 45GSR Buyers Guide

ROHN 45GSR Buyers Guide

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This Buyers Guide will answer many questions you may have on this Product Line.

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