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CommScope Ultra-Home 5788 F2-660BVM045CMH HDC RG6

PVC Jacket
Flame Retardant
RG-6 Siamese
Both 60% Braid
2200 MHz
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CommScope 5788 F2-660BVM045CMH HDC 1000' RG6 Siamese Satellite Dual Coaxial Cable 2 GHz with Ground
This is the Siamese RG6 60% Shield Coaxial Cable your local Satellite TV company uses for Aerial Satellite Dish Feed Distribution. Our Customers use this in MHP Hotel Motel SMATV Cable TV, Video Surveillance and Hi Speed Internet Systems. Good for 2.2 GHz, it features CCS Center Conductor, Dialectric Foam, Bonded Laminated Aluminum Tape Inner Shield, 60% Braided Outer Shield, 17 AWG Copper Clad Steel Ground / Messenger, all encased in a PVC Jacket.

Note: This is the same Commercial Grade Dual Feed with Integral Ground Messenger Low Loss Cable your local Satellite TV company uses to get from the Dual LNB Satellite Dish to and through your House. Our Customers use this in their MHP Hotel Motel SMATV Cable TV, Video Surveillance and Hi Speed Internet Systems to distribute around Building Properties.
Specification Sheet
Spec Sheet
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Dual RG6 Cable with an integral web messenger or ground maybe used for Cable TV or Satellite, aerial or premise feed with ground or both depending on bandwidth and messenger material composition. Bandwidthes of 1 GHz (1000 MHz) are typically reserved for use with Cable TV. Today's Satellite use is 2200 MHz (2.2 GHZ0 with cable manufactured to sweep test to 3 GHz (3000 MHz). The "Messenger" is either for Aerial support or grounding or both. If the material is STeel or Stainless steel, it is for Aerial Suspension use. If copper, then it is obviously used for a ground connection/ lightning arrest from the Dish installation. If it is copper clad steel, then depending on the thickness and hardness of the steel, it may be used for both.

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