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RG59/U CCTV Siamese Cable with Power Bare Copper Black 500 ft

RG59 Coax Cable with 2 18 AWG Power
20 AWG Solid Bare Copper Conductor
Copper Clad Aluminum 95% Shield
Siamese type config. with separation web
CM/X/CL2 Rated
Sequential foot markings
Comes in Black
Price: $127.40
Manufacturer Code: RG59/U95-S-BK-5
Availability: Usually ships in 24 Hrs
Shipping: Can ship anywhere
SCP RG59/U95-S-BK-5 500' RG59/U SIAMESE CCTV Cable 20AWG BC 95% BC Shield + 18/2 Power Black
Buy what you need for RG59 Siamese CCTV Video Camera installations. Carry Video from, and power to your Security Surveillance Camera with the (2) 18 AWG conductors. Same Solid Bare Copper (SBC) Center Conductor, but Pay less for 500 Feet of 95% Copper Clad Aluminum Shield. RG59 Siamese, 500' Cardboard Un-Reel Box, (1) 20AWG Bare Copper Center Conductor with 95% Bare Copper Braided Shield and (2) 18 AWG Stranded Power Conductors in a Black Siamese PVC Jacket for CCTV.

RG59U Type Coaxial Cable with One Pair of 18 AWG
Siamese Type Configuration with Separation Web
20AWG Solid Bare Copper Center Conductor
95% Copper Shield Coverage for Optimum Signal Protection
UnBraided 18 AWG Stranded Twisted Pair Power Cables
Indoor Cable Application (non-conduit per NEC) for CCTV
Gas Injected Foam Polyethylene Insulation
UL Listed CM/X/CL2 Rated PVC Jacket
Sequential Length Markings on Jacket

RG59 Siamese - is the choice for CCTV installations. Make your installations easier by carrying video (coax) and the option to power your equipment with the (2) 18 AWG power cables. The 95% Copper Shield protects the Video signal from external EMI and RFI.

Note: The Solid Bare Copper makes this an expensive, yet Ultimate Performance choice. A Solid Copper Center Conductor with a 95% Copper Braided Shield RG59 is an Industry Standard for CCTV Video transmission. In the early days of Community Antenna TV distribution, cable like this was also used as Drop cable in Apartment complexes and Hotel distribution Systems. As this Product is Swept to 3 GHz, it can perform in this manner, though RG6 has a lower loss versus Frequency and is more economical still for this purpose. CM rating is a common Communications Designate, X is exterior capable, CL2 is Class 2 signal rated. This cable is not Riser or Plenum rated.
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RG-59 is Flexible Coaxial Drop Cable used Primarily Today for CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) Applications. In the Early Days of Cable TV, 300 Ohm twin lead was used. When the transmission lines used changed to 75 Ohm Coaxial Cable, RG59 was introduced as the premise distribution cable of choice, installed in many Homes and Apartments that is still in use today. For the Higher Frequencies and Bandwidthes of Modern Cable TV design, RG59 is very lossy and should be replaced with a lower loss cable (like RG6) at any opportunity. We Sell RG59 Connectors for CCTV and Cable TV Antenna applications as there is still plenty of it still left in service. Modern Manufacture of RG59 sees almost every variety that you would find in RG6, though there is much, much less of it available. Quad Shield versions with Silver Clad center conductor are used in Head End wiring. 95% braid coverage suitable for use in CCTV willl have Solid Copper center conductor and Copper or Copper Clad Aluminum Braided Shield. Cable of this manufacture can be rated up to 3 GHz in bandwidth, but its loss usually precludes its use in anything other than CCTV Applications. Solid Copper center conductor is not needed for the carriage of Higher Frequencies, but rather for the lower loop resistance characteristics preferable for DC Voltage power into the Camera, and the Lower RF Frequencies found in Baseband Video out of the Camera. Lower frequency use such as this sees loss comparable to RG6 as the two are indistiguishable in this range. RG59 is smaller, more flexible, and easier to post-wire install. Solid Copper or Copper Clad Aluminum Shield maximizes Shield Integrity, maximizing rejection of unwanted interfering Signals.

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