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RG11 QUAD Shield Coaxial Cable for Aerial 225 Feet


PVC Jacket
HD Messenger
(2)100% Foil Coverage
(1)40% Braid
(1)60% Braid
QUAD Shield!

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Manufacturer Code: F11SSVM-225
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CommScope F11SSVM 225' RG11 Pre-Connectorized Coaxial Aerial Drop Cable
Comes Pre-made with Connectors already fitted on the Cable ends for Instant Install out of the Box for Cable TV and some Satellite and Antenna applications. For Distribution of Master antenna, CATV, Video and Satellite Signals on Pole-Lines, between building and Aerial Tower Feeds. Heavy Duty Messenger suspends Quad Shield Cable in air between attachments. This Cable Features a PVC Jacket over Two layers of Bonded Foil and (2) layers that total 100% Braid, Bonded Foam Dialectric with a Copper Clad Steel Center Conductor. Perfect for HDTV, DTV, DBS, Cable TV, Master Antenna and Satellite Master antenna Applications with 1.0 GHz Bandwidth. Can Also be Utilized as Aerial Signal Feed Transmission line from Towers, Dishes, Antennas and Telephone Poles to Home, Office and Premise.

Note: SuperShield (Quad Shield) - Taking the Tri-Shield construction one step further, this construction adds an additional layer of shielding braid to provide the greatest strength, durability and immunity from network interference. Provides low attenuations for service drop inter-connecting jumper cables.
Specification Sheet
Spec Sheet
cable type
225 Foot RG11 Messengered Coaxial Cable Broadband Digital Subscriber Cable TV Modem HSI 1 GHz 15 dB Gain Drop Amplifier - $26.95

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225 Foot RG11 Messengered Coaxial Cable Dual Port Coaxial Cable TV Satellite Ground Block GRB-2DHR - $1.15
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RG11 Cables for Cable TV Antenna and Satellite TV

We offer these RG11 cables with connectors made in various lengths to facilitate connections of the new Cable TV Antenna and Satellite TV Accessories we Sell here at 3 Star Inc. Each Cable is made from Quad Shield cable, with High Quality, Low Loss Connections. Made with Black Colored Jackets, from 25 to 200 feet in length.

RG11 (RG-11) is to 75 Ohm as RG213 or RG214 is to 50 Ohm cable. RG11 Cable featuring 60% Braided Shield is comprised of an Aluminum Foil bonded to the Foam Dialectric with Aluminum Braided Shield with 60% coverage. Quad Shield RG11 would denote alternating Aluminum Foil and Aluminum Braided Shield Layers, starting with the Bonded Foil Layer around the Foam Dialectric, with the best Quad Shield having 2 Layers of Braided Aluminum Shield, one of 60% and the 2nd at 40%. Tri-Shield RG11 will have 77% Braided Aluminum Shield Coverage Between 2 Layers of Aluminum Foil Shield, the 1st Foil Layer being Bonded to the Foam Dialectric. RG11 is the lowest loss Flexible Braided Shield Drop cable Commercially Manufactured for Satellite TV, TV Antenna and Cable TV usage. Use for distances over 150 feet or when every dB counts. For Cable with less loss than RG11, one would then have to avail themselves to Hardline Coaxial with a Single Solid Shield (typically Aluminum) that is pricey, but delivers commensurate Results for the Money. Most all RG11 Manufactured uses Aluminum Braided Shield, the difference of note being the amount of Aluminum Braid Coverage and the composition of the Center Conductor; Solid Copper vs. Copper Clad Steel. Copper Clad Steel will suffice in almost any utilization scenario, however most Satellite TV Operating companies will require Solid Copper Center Conductor to be used by their respective Sub-Contractor Installers for Maintainence and Warranty issues. This is due to the DC Voltage component being fed from the Receiver back to, and Powering the LNB(f)s mounted on the Satellite Dish. Unless the run is extremely long and the connectors applied are of dubious Quality, the DC Loop Resistance difference between Solid Bare Copper and Copper Clad Steel is negligible.

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