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RG-8X Coaxial Cable by the Foot - Cable Only

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RG8XPL RG-8X Coaxial Cable Jumper Sold by the Foot with PL-259 UHF Connector Option
RG-8X coaxial cable, sold in 1 foot increments, optional pre-connectorized with PL-259 on both ends features low loss and flexibility.

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Specification Sheet
Spec Sheet
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RG-8X, is very flexible. Sometimes refered to as "Mini-8 and Slightly larger than RG-58 cable, it also provides 50-ohms of resistance and offers better handling characteristics. It is a favorite for shortwave receiving antennas and suitable for HF transmit applications where an amplifier is not used. RG-8X 50 ohm bulk coaxial cable is a low-loss, foam-dielectric, braided shield cable intended for moderate-power HF stations or mobile applications where short runs and flexibility are key factors. RG-8X uses PL-259 connectors with reducing adapters. This type of coax is also used for single antenna installations or jumpers between pieces of equipment. It has a stranded center conductor and a high shielding percentage, thus will also handle higher power (wattage) and has a higher propagation velocity. The outer diameter of RG-8X is typically about 0.24".

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