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RG-213/U Coaxial Cable By the Foot

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3 Star Inc RG213PL RG-213 Coaxial Cable Jumper Sold by the Foot 
RG-213 coaxial cable, sold in 1 foot increments.

Features low loss and flexibility for general HF and VHF.

Enter the number of Feet desired in QTY box

Specification Sheet
Spec Sheet
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RG-213/U is a very flexible, low loss coaxial cable which is commonly terminated with N Connector or UHF connector for general HF and VHF use. It has similar dimensions as LMR®400 Low Loss cable, but smaller conductor diameter. RG8 and RG213 commonly carry VHF and UHF radio signals from transmitters to antennas and from antennas to receivers. They also carry high-performance electronic signals for data transmission and computer applications for commercial broadcast, telecommunications, industry and military systems. They are most commonly used in situations that require low signal loss and high operating voltage, particularly to antennas on towers for two-way radio systems. They can also be buried for underground applications. RG-213 coaxial cable is used in the networks of satellite and cable television and for radiocommunication and amateur radio, EMC test antenna cables. RG213 Typically lower loss than RG58, slightly heavier and allows 5,000 volts difference between the center conductor and the shield, compared to 4,000 for RG8. UHF PL-259 connectors are typically used for HF/VHF Commercial, Ham, and CB use. It is suitable for mobile applications, wi-fi solutions, exterior antennas and it can also be used for long range outdoor solutions.

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