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F-811 Wall Plate F-81 Barrel Coupler Female F Connector
Price: $0.14

WSHR/NUT NONE ; +WSHR/NUT (add $0.03)
DC-3 GHz Operation
Lower Insertion Loss
High Return Loss (> 12 dB)
High Holding Force: > 50 grams

Note: Use this Barrel Connector for passage of signal through wall plates or use as a F connector splice. Safe for DC Voltage / Current passing and Frequencies up to 3 GHz.
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Weight: 0.02 lb
HOLLAND Electronics F-81 F-81 Barrel In-Line 3 GHz Coax Cable Splice Female F Type Connector
This F-81 Female F to Female F (double-ended Female) connector allows for connection thru a 3/32 inch thick wall plate (typical with common, nut recessed style). You can select the washer and nut needed to fit a wall Plate from the accessory box above. This F-81 is 11.6 / 8.1 mm. (long side/short side) with a total length of 21.2 mm. DC thru 3 GHz. You can also use this to connect (splice) two F fitted coaxial cable ends together. Use on Satellite TV and Cable TV Antenna Frequency connections.

Specification Sheet
Spec Sheet spec. sheet