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5 Foot Tripod with Antenna Mast for Sloped or Peak Roof Mount
Price: $38.95


Galvanized, durable finish
Swivel feet help prevent twisting of the mast
Conforms to most any roof slope
Main mast length: 5ft
Supporting legs length: 3ft
Supporting Legs OD: 1.14in



Availability: Ships out in 2 -3 days!
Shipping: Can ship anywhere
Weight: 16 lb

3S 32809 5 Foot Tripod with Antenna Mast for Sloped or Peak Roof Mount

Tripod and 1.25 inch O.D. Mast conforms to almost any Roof Peak or Slope with installer friendly front facing feet that can accomodate 16-24 inch spacing between the two outer legs leaving the center at half distance. Can be Used with Off-Air HDTV or Wireless Cable and Wireless Internet Antennas. (Pitch Pad Kit, Mounting Hardware Not Included)


Supporting Legs are hinged, 3 feet in length and 1.14 inches in Outside Diameter. Typical rafter spacings are 16 inches center to center and pre-built trusses are 24 inches center to center. Thus allowing for Peak or Pirched roof antenna placement with the standard 5 foot Antenna Mast Height

Specification Sheet
height 5
mount type Tripod
pole diameter 1.25