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ROHN AGK1GGX Anchor Rod Grounding Kit
Price: $207.90

Hot Dip Galvanized
(3) 10 Foot Ground Rods
(3) Ground Rod Clamps
(3) CPC.5/.75 Anchor Rod Clamp
45 Feet of 7/16  Wire Rope

Note: This Down Guy Anchor Rod Grounding Kit is included in each ROHN 25G 45G Complete Tower Kit. When purchased from ROHN separately, this Part number omits the Clamp to the actual Anchor Rod itself, part number CPC.5/.75 (included in ours). As this contains 10 foot long items, it can only ship LTL Freight.
Availability: Ships out in 2 -3 days!
Shipping: Can ship anywhere
Weight: 50 lb
ROHN AGK1GGX Grounding Kit for Tower Guy Anchor Rod Connection
105400-45-7/16 (45 Feet) of 7/16 EIP IWRC RRL
6260 (3 ea) 10 Foot Copper Clad 5/8 Inch Ground Rod.
340016 (3 ea) 3/4 Inch Clamp No. 8034 WB
CPC.5/.75 (3 ea) Anchor Rod Clamp
The CPC.5/.75 Clamp that connects to the Actual Anchor Rod itself is included in this Kit from 3 Star. From ROHN, only when part of a Complete Tower Kit.
This Item Ships LTL Freight ONLY.