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ROHN 25G Complete 120 Foot 110 MPH Tower 25G110R120
Price: $5,770.00

Top Cap AG; AG1 (add $20.00); AG2; AG3 (add $50.00); AG4 (add $65.00); AG5 (add $25.00)
Hot Dip Galvanized
Double Bolted Joints
Zig-Zag Rod Bracing
1-1/4" Steel Tubing
Side Rails
12-1/2" Equalateral
Triangular Design
Can be used in:
Guyed Config

Note: Guyed Tower Structures can withstand Higher Windspeed and Antenna Loads as compared to Freestanding Self-supporting Towers due to the dissipation of the Forces against it through the Guy wire(s), Anchors, Concrete Anchor Ballast and Soil Cohesion to the ground around the structure. ROHN Tower Kits are designed based on assumptions made regarding Windspeed, EPA (Antenna Load), Height, Standard Soil Conditions, Surrounding Environment and Duty. The Pre-packaged Kits contain the parts called for based on this Stock Design. The Stock Design of these Kits does not account for the Variations of Historic Windspeed, Number of Antenna(e) Loading at Specific Height(s), Soil Engineering recommendations, Adjacent Structures, Communications Purpose, or Geo-Political Rules, Laws and Codes That will be Applicable to Your Project. It is Recommended that you take the time to engage an local Engineer that has the expertise and available Information necessary to evaluate the Stock design for Applicability, and/or find the Tower Quote Data Sheet Form by clicking the link that appears on the Footer of this Page Below. *Per Rev G requirements, any structure greater than 10 ft requires a climber safety device.
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Shipping: Can ship only within USA
Weight: 795 lb
ROHN 25G110R120 Complete 120' 110 MPH (REV. G) 25G Guyed Tower
This Product Order Supplies the Following BOM (Less Foundation and Installation) in accordance for Use as a 120 Foot ROHN 25G Tower with EPA's (Effective Projected Area) Ratings for 110 MPH (REV. G). Refer to Larger Image for EPA Information.
(11) 25G
(1) 25AG2
(1) BPC25G
(4) GA25GD
(1575') 3/16EHS
(24) BG2142
(24) 5/16THH
(12) 1/2TBE&J
(3) GAC3455TOP
(3) CPC.5/.75
(1) 3/4x12PP
This 25G Tower is to be used in a Guyed Configuration according to Specifications in the ROHN Catalog. As a Guyed Structure, a 110 MPH rated Tower can rise to a maximum of 190 feet. Refer to ROHN catalog for Foundation and Grounding Detail Information. Consult ROHN Catalog Links at Footer Section at Bottom of Page for more ROHN 25G Tower Details.

Specification Sheet
Spec Sheet spec. sheet