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Analog TV Channel 3 Signal Combiner SC-3
Price: $13.60

* Small Foot-Print Base
* Mountable
* CH. 3/Ant. Inputs-Single Combined Output
* Passive-No Power Required
* 75 Ohm "F" Connection

Note: These Analog TV Channel Inserters for CCTV and Local Production Distribution are getting increasingly more difficult to find, we have the last production lot in stock, limited quantities available for a short time.
Availability: Call to Order
Shipping: Can ship anywhere
Weight: 0.5 lb
Eagle Aspen SC-3 Analog TV Channel 3 CCTV Camera Signal Combiner Mixer
Use to combine Analog Channel 3 Output from DVD, VHS, Game Consoles and Video Cameras with Off-Air or Other TV signals, then Pipe through your Distribution Network for Access by Multiple Television Sets. Channel 3 must currently be unused. Works on New HDTV Televisions as well!