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ROHN PWM Pole Wall Mount Kit
Price: $495.00


Pole Wall Mount


Accepts Pipe Up to 5 1/2" OD


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Weight: 78 lb

ROHN PWM Pole Wall Mount Kit


The Rohn Wall Mount is designed to support most Satellite , PCS , Cellular and Wifi Antennas. The Pole wall mount. The Pole Wall Mount is a robust mount which is designed to provide secure support for microwave, directional or omni wireless antennas. The design features two parallel mounting brackets and support bracing to maximize stability. The versatile integrated clamps accommodate 2 7/8" to 5 OD pipe for antenna mounting. Plain end pipe must be purchased separately based on the antenna size and mounting requirements. These clamps may be positioned in any of three different locations along the Pole Wall Mount's arms, allowing the installer to fix the antenna standoff distance at 15-3/4", 21-3/4", 27-3/4". Installation hardware must be purchased separately based on the specific application parameters. The Pale Wall Mount is "Hot-Dip" galvanized to ensure long-term performance in all environmental conditions. Designed for heavy duty commercial use for maximum performance.

Additional Features Include :

- Hot Dipped Galvanized

- Accepts Pipe  up to 5 1/2" OD

- Ideal for variety of antenns

-  Easy To reach antenna from rooftop