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APICA AP-BNC-59 RG59 BNC Type Cable Connector
Price: $1.39

One-piece, all-metal design
Dual 360 degree compression
Weather-sealed nut seals
Meets all SCTE/Bellcore spec.s

Note: Bright Finish and Color Code makes this Connector a plus in Custom made Home Theater and Head-end cables that look like you spent a fortune. This also means that you can choose a specific colored RG59 cable sheath, connectorize it to length, adding to the Custom Finished look.
Availability: Usually ships in 24 Hrs
Shipping: Can ship anywhere
Weight: 0.04 lb
APICA AP-BNC-59 RG59 Coaxial Cable to BNC Compression Cable Connector
(1 each/unit) For All RG59 cable from 60% Braid thru Quad-Shield. Go directly from cable to BNC connector. Its unique compression technology offers two robust seals to prevent moisture penetration, and preserve Physical Integrity, making installations simple, reliable and cost effective. PCT's advanced post designgreatly reduces connector insertion force, making installation on all cable types a breeze.
Uses Compression Tool AP-CT-AS

Specification Sheet
Spec Sheet spec. sheet