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UHF/VHF/FM TV Antenna Signal  Amplifier | 10dB  AM-1UV
Price: $17.84

Bandwidth 54-890 MHz
Gain 10 dB Max.
Input: VHF 7-Chs. 36 dBmV Max.
Input: UHF 7-Chs. 22 dBmV
Noise Figure 5dB VHF / 7dB UHF
Power Req. 117 VAC, 60 Hz

Note: If you need to Add a couple of HD Ready TV sets to your TV Antenna Hook-up, this amp will do fine to Offset the Loss encountered when adding a Splitter To feed the additional Outlets. In addition, it comes with an adjustable Gain control, so you can find that sweet spot and save (in reserve) some gain for future additions and signal Splitter, or balance the amplifier out to feed another amp at the other end of a cable segment to extend your systems reach to another building. It is Forward only (54-890 MHz), which matches the Bandwidth of any TV Antenna System, but will not pass return from High Speed Internet Modems or Pay Per View Converter Boxes associat3ed with Cable TV signals. We have Amplifiers that will do that. See Below! Check Your Picture quality where the Cable TV feed enters your Home, if it's good there, you can replace connectors, cable and Splitter to bring your installation up to the newest specifications. If you are feeding numerous TV sets or long Distances, use this Amplifier before the Splitter Or long cable run to maintain Signal Quality.
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ASKA AM-1UV UHF VHF Off-Air Digital Antenna Signal 10 dB Gain Amplifier
The ASKA AM-1UV is a Medium Output, Low Noise Amplifier perfect for Home Antenna Distribution to a Few Outlets.

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