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Antenna Mast Tube Crossover C-Clamp Mount Bracket C-MT
Price: $13.95


Zinc Plated

For Pipe 1.25" to 2.00"

Hardware Incl.

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Weight: 3 lb
3 Star Inc C-MT Crossover Mount Bracket Plate for Antenna Mast Pole to Other Mounting Pole
The Crossover Mounting plate, U-Bolt style consists of a Pre-Galvanized square Plate and all clamping hardware required for mounting of Antennas (Wifi, TV Antennas, Direct TV, Dish Network) the antennas are usually attached to tower legs, masts, Railings ( Balcony,Roof Tops ). The U-Bolt style Crossover mounting plate mountS Pipe size 1.25" to 2.00" horizontal or vertical to each other. Each Kit includes one (1) plate and four (4) U-Bolt Assemblies.
Vertical or Horizontal Mounting
  • Pre-Galvanized Mounting Plate
  • Plate Dimensions 5" x 7"
  • U-Bolts - Quantity: 4
  • Maximum Tubing Size: 2.00 in. OD

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