5-Pack of Drop Ceiling Molding Raceway Adapters 1.38 inch Print this pagePrint this page
5-Pack of Drop Ceiling Molding Raceway Adapters 1.38 inch
Price: $5.87


Note: An alternative to drilling holes through concrete, brick and even interior walls. If you are a contractor, then you know how important it is to have an all-in-one solution for interior routing trhough MDU's and large homes where holes and dust are not in the playbook.
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Weight: 1 lb
Skywalker CON200CD Drop Ceiling Adapters for Wire Track Molding Raceway 1.38" 5 Pack
This is the Drop Ceiling Through Adapter / Joiner piece you will utilize to continue your straight run through and past Drop Ceilings in your CATV MATV, Cable TV Antenna, Satellite, CCTV, Alarm or Signal Distribution System. Construct Pro wire track molding with adhesive backing to can conceal multiple cords, wires and cables discretely all within a White paintable enclosure. This economical one piece PVC raceway solution is easy to install and is equipped with a flexible hinge which makes adding and removing cables simple and hassle free and encompasses a beautiful White finish that's completely paintable to make sure it blends seamlessly with room attire with an extremely strong adhesive ensuring your cables stay where you want them. With cool, clean, retail packaging, this decorated packaging will help add value and trust in your clients mind and they'll be confident you are using only the best materials for their installs.