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3 Bolt Cable Suspension Clamp Figure 8
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Hot dip galvanized

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Weight: 1.8 lb
3 Star Inc PA422 Figure 8 3 Bolt Suspension Clamp
The PA422 incorporates serpentine grooves in the two mating clamp sections to provide superior holding strength of insulated messenger wire found on Figure-8 Messengered Hardline Coaxial Cable. Can be used for tangent construction or angles to 30 degrees. Designed for use with.250 inch insulated figure 8 messenger. Clamps are supplied with two track bolt assemblies and a center mounting hole.

Alloy Type: Plates are extruded and stamped from 6063-T6 Aluminum. Carriage bolt and nuts are formed from Grade 2 Steel.
ASTM Specification: Carriage bolts and square nuts meet spec A153, Class C
Clamp Bolt Diameter in [Imperial]: 0.625
Clamp Bolt Diameter mm [Metric]: 15.88
Clamp Length in [Imperial]: 6
Clamp Length mm [Metric]: 152
Coating: Hot dip galvanized
Mounting Hole Diameter in [Imperial]: 11/16 x 15/16
Mounting Hole Diameter mm [Metric]: 17.46 x 23.81
Number of Bolts: 2
Weight kg [Metric]: 1.13
Weight lb [Imperial]: 2.5