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Satellite Dish Antenna Mast Pole 6 Foot by 1.66 inch OD
Price: $13.95

6 feet Long
1.66 inch O.D.
Galvanized Finish
UPS Shippable
18 AWG Thickness

Note: This Mast can be utilized for HDTV Off-Air Antenna installation as well, providing the clamp on the antenna can accomodate a 1.66 inch DIA 18 AWG mast pipe. DISH500 and DIRECTV Antennas can be mounted on the ground with the proper poured concrete foundation. When installing on the side of a premise or structure (ie House), be sure and afford yourself 2 feet minimum, up to 1/3 of the overall mast length between the two wall mounts you will utilize. Depending on the size of the Satellite Dish or Antenna, the Torque applied from wind load through cantilever to these mounts can be significant.
Availability: Ships out in 2 -3 days!
Shipping: Can ship anywhere
Weight: 8 lb
3 Star Inc 5992 1.66" OD 6' Satellite Dish Antenna Mast Pole 18 AWG
Ideal as a DISH500 and DIRECTV Dish Antenna Mast (will NOT work for DIRECTVs SL3/5) for Ground or Wall mount Installation (Mount Not Included). Sturdy One Piece that Fits a Variety of Mounts for Flexibility In Antenna Mounting and Height Clearance.