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FAM-8HR 8dB High Return Loss In Line Attenuator Pad
Price: $2.75

Freq. Range
5 MHZ to 3 GHz
Attenuator Values
3,6,8,10,12,16,20 dB
+/- 0.5 dB
0.2 dB
Return Loss
20 to 27 dB

Note: There is such a thing as too much signal sometimes. Receivers of all kinds require signal present within a specific window range for proper operation. Sometimes forcing an Impedance match is the best way to maximize power delivery to Load.
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HOLLAND Electronics FAM-8HR 8dB Attenuator In-Line Broadband Cable Pad with Hi Return Loss
8 dB F type In-Line attenuator can be inserted in coaxial cable feeds to reduce signal levels up to 3 GHz. in Frequency with High Return Loss. Reduce UHF/VHF/FM and Digital signal sources such as TV Antennas, Cable TV, Broadband Internet, FM Antenna and Satellite TV (without DC Voltage being present). Combinations of attenuators may be used in conjunction to add up to the exact signal loss needed. High Return Loss means a Higher VSWR, more Accurate Readings and better Impedance Match.
For Power Passing Applications, please use the FAMP-*HR version also listed in this category.

Specification Sheet
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