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3-Way Cable TV Antenna Signal Splitter 1GHz SV-V3G
Price: $3.60


5-1000 MHz. Bandwidth
40 dB port-to-port isolation*
35 dB output return loss*
Intermod Protected
Capacitor Decoupled
Dual Plated
Flat F-Ports
100% Soldered backplate
*(Return Band)

Note: This is one of those Splitter you would find or use inside of those steel lock-boxes on the side of an Apartment complex, or the little Grey box on the side of your Home or Office that the Cable TV company installed. It features Vertical Port F Connections. Its typically used inside of these little boxes because it's easier to connect/disconnect the cables when all the F connection Ports are facing in the same direction. So when you are mounting a 4-Way Splitter In a tight space without a lot of room around it for the RG6 Coaxial Cable to make connection, this is the one you want! It will pass Forward and Return signals; making it perfect for Splitting Cable TV with High-Speed Internet Connection Signals. The Voltage Protection also makes it suitable for splitting HD TV Antenna Signals as well. The Flat F Connector ends means that the connection to the RG coaxial cable you use (RG6 or RG11) is solid, secure and doesn't slip or back off after tightened with appropriate force (most Coaxial Cable Manufacturers specify in inch/pounds).
Availability: Usually ships in 24 Hrs
Shipping: Can ship anywhere
Weight: 0.1 lb
Signal Vision SV-V3G 3-Way Splitter for Cable TV Antenna Signal Distribution 1 GHz
With a Built-in split-bolt type ground on a Dual plated bright tin over copper flash Housing, sealed with a Solder sealed proprietary back plate, resulting in a Moisture sealed housing (15 psi) with No casting lines on ports. Patented dual-spring conical contacts surface mount technology. One Low-Loss Output (-3.5 db) and Two Low-Loss Output (-7.0 db, -8.0 db max.) Ports for different drop length applications.