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Satellite TV Antenna Diplexer Power Passing SCS-1
Price: $4.15



Bandwidth  MHz

UHF/VHF   40-806
Satellite   950-2050
Insertion max.
UHF/VHF- 1.5dB
Satellite-       2dB
Isolations min.
UHF/VHF   30dB
Satellite      30dB

Return Loss min.
UHF/VHF   12dB

Satellite      12dB

Note: This particular Diplexer passes Satellite signal from 950 up to 2050 MHz. The Pass-Band for the Antenna or Cable TV is from 40 to 806 MHz, which is great for HD TV Antenna signals, and Cable TV Systems that have channels up to 750 MHz (Check with your Cable TV System Operator!). Remember that depending on the example scenario you are following from the DISH Network, DirecTV or other DBS Satellite system, you may need more than one, or several of these devices!
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ASKA SCS-1 Power Passing Satellite TV Antenna Signal Diplexer (40-2050MHz)
Low Insertion Loss & High isolation design allows off-air and satellite to be fed on a single coax cable. Mini Die cast housing with Zinc plating With Epoxy sealed cover for good weather protection.