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14 Inch PLENUM Cable Tie
Price: $15.70

  • Color: Burgundy
  • Length: 14.56in / 369.87mm
  • Width: .180in / 4.572mm
  • Thickness: .052in / 1.320mm
  • Tie Tensile: 50 lb.
  • Bundle Diameter: 4.125in
  • Mil-Spec Reference: MS3367-1-35

  • Availability: Ships out in 2 -3 days!
    Shipping: Can ship anywhere
    Weight: 0.75 lb
    ACT ACT1450PL 14" Plenum Cable Tie Ty-Rap Style - Bag of 100
    These Plenum rated cable ties are ideal for use in air handling spaces, such as ducts or Plenums used for environmental air and other spaces, such as above drop ceilings and below raised flooring. They feature a tensile strength of 50 lbs. This product meets UL 1565 low smoke generation, low heat release, and mechanical strength test. Manufactured from filtered nylon 6/6 reducing particle contamination.
    UL-CSA Approved: UL Listed suitable for use in Air Handling Spaces in accordance with the Section 300.22 (C) and (D) of the National Electrical Code and Rules 12-010 (3), (4), and (5) and 12-020 of the Canadian Electrical Code, Part 1.