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DISH Network Approved Flat Coaxial Cable Jumper 144823
Price: $20.95

Dish Network Approved
True Coaxial Cable
Electrical Specs Do Not Degrade With Bending, Impact, or Temp
Higher Connector-Cable Holding Force
Thinner Cable
High Center Conductor Holding F connectors
Impact Durability
Shape Retention

Note: Very popular, and necessary for Satellte TV DBS DISH DirecTV installations in Aprtment and Condo Buildings where drilling the wall to feedthru the cable is not possible. Also Good for interior distribution of premise where routing restrictions leave doorways as the only viable pathway to another room.
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Weight: 0.2 lb
HOLLAND Electronics 144823 Flat Jumper Satellite Cable for Windows and Doors
Appears on the DISH Network Approved List!
This Flat Window Jumper is a rail-protected coaxial cable jumper assembly for use in doors and window jams when drilling through walls is not permitted. The patent pending rail system protects the precision Teflon coaxial cable from deformation due to bending or repetitive impact within a window or door frame. Comes with dual sided mounting tape and a plastic forming tool.

Specification Sheet
Spec Sheet spec. sheet

cable type Indoor