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HOLLAND Electronics DPD2 DISH Pro Signal Diplexer
Price: $3.10

Insertion loss: 1.5dB max
Return Loss: 12dB/TV
Impedance 75 Ohms
Stop Band Rej: 40dB
for LNB Powering
Machined F-Connector Threads
Solder Back Cover

Note: I think this is one of the best Diplexers made. It goes up to 2150 MHz for DISH Network Satellite Signal Carriage and passes from 5 up to 806 MHz for Antenna and Cable TV. The casing is very Solid and Hardy and Carries the Regal Brand Name. Remember that depending on the Example Scenario you are following for DISH Network, DirecTV or other Satellite DBS provider, you may need more than one, or several of these components to complete the installation.
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Weight: 0.16 lb
HOLLAND Electronics STVC DISH Satellite TV Signal Diplexer Combiner Separator
Appears on the DISH Network Approved List!
The DPD2 allows the combining and/or separating of Off-Air / CATV signals with satellite signals to a common cable. Separates TV and satellite signals prior to satellite receiver input and filters harmonics in the off-air spectrum from satellite conversion devices. The DPD2 diplexer is specifically designed for Dish Network's DP44 installations, requiring continuous 2 amp power passing. This diplexer provides a high performance, lower insertion loss, high return loss and increased stop band isolation. The DPD2 provides a more reliable combining solution for the increased demands of the DishPro Plus installations, which may require 2 amps of current.

Specification Sheet
Spec Sheet spec. sheet