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ROHN 65G Tower 300 Foot Climbing Safety System TT30065
Price: $1,090.53

Note: This Tower Climbing Safety Cable System is for up to 200 feet in Height. Other Systems in this Product line reach 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450 and 500 feet in height. Trust No Substitutes. Buy ROHN. Buy American.
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Weight: 118 lb
ROHN TT30065 300' Climbing Safety Cable System for 65G Tower
The Tower installed Component of the TUF TUG Safety System. With enough fixtures and climbing cable to install on Towers up to 300 foot in height. For use with a Vertical Fall Arrest Protection System such as the TT-WG-500 made for 3/8 Inch diameter solid core wire cable that automatically travels with User (not included). Each Safety Cable System Kit contains the top and bottom brackets, safety cable and cable restraint brackets appropriate to the height. Body Harness and safety wire grab or clamp are separate options for sale. This Kit supplies for Towers up to 300 feet in Height. Per Rev. G guidelines, any structure greater than 10 ft requires a climber safety device.

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