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Portable Clip on Modular Rechargeable Battery Lineman Test Telephone Line Butt Set

DC V test
Insulation impedance test
Voltage test
CID function, FSK/DTMF Compatibility
DTMF applying to GB/T15279-94
Ringing Call Distance:
≤ 2Km(6500FT)
Line Break Identification Distance: ≤ 2Km(6500FT)
Dialing number display
Checking wire pairs function
Battery: rechargeable 9V NI-MH
9.134in x 2.874in x 3.74in

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3 Star ADV5051 Portable Modular Rechargeable Battery Lineman Telephone Test Line Butt Set
Model ST230 Telephone Line Tester, also known as a "Butt Set Phone Tester", is a portable device for troubleshooting and diagnosing telephone line problems. It is ideal for verifying data and voice lines during network installations. It features incoming call number display compatible with FSK and DTMF. Detects dangerous DC/AC high voltage quickly and accurately. Shaped like a barbell, it will sit easily on the shoulder, leaving hands free, or use the hook to fasten it to the tool belt. Rechargeable battery is fully charged in 7 hours. The outer shell is water- and shock-resistant.


  • ST230 Telephone tester shell
  • Belt clamp
  • Terminal box-link test cord
  • Test Clamp
  • Test cord
  • Charger

    There are some things you just can't do with an ordinary telephone. This linesman's butt-set is a professional tool for troubleshooting and diagnosing telephone line problems. Coupled with either Modular Plug Breakout Adapter (above), you can connect to any pair of phone wires in any modular jack, 66 punchdown block, demarc block, etc. Test for no CO line, no dialtone, open line, shorted line, etc...

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