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VMP FRM125 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount 1.25 inch OD Mast

60" Mast
1.25" O.D.
Off-Air Antennas
Satellite Antennas
Comes with Hardware
Price: $132.50
Manufacturer Code: VMP-FRM125
Availability: Usually ships in 24 Hrs
Shipping: Can ship anywhere
Video Mount Products FRM125 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount with 1.25" OD Mast 60" Antenna Mast Pole
Is constructed of steel and uses standard concrete blocks to anchor on Flat Roof. Mast is 1.25 inches in Outside Diameter and 60 inches in Height from Base. For use with DBS, antenna and satellite internet systems. Can be Used as a Penetrating Mount without Ballast. Compares to Other Name Brand Hardware at Half the Price.

Note: This Non-Penetrating Mount Series from VMP is finished with a dark brown weather resistant powder coat inside and out that blends well with residential environments. With the 5 foot long, 1.25 inch OD pipe, you can mount HD TV Off-air antennas to be sure. With the 1.66 to 1.25 inch reducers available, you can also mount as applicable; DISH Network dishes, including 18" round dish, DIRECTV Oval, DISH 500, DISH 1000, DISH 1000.1, or both the TV antenna and the Satellite Dish on the same mast (with appropriate clearance and within reason). And as with all items in this Product Line, Screws and Pitch Pads are included for Bolt-down versus Ballast applications. The Length of the mast is 5 feet based on engineering that incorporates consideration for typical TV or Small Satellite Antenna Wind-load versus the Ballast that would keep either on target with minimal deviation and flex. As with all Ballast mounts, Structural Engineering consultations are recommended for all Roof Applications.
Specification Sheet
Spec Sheet
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