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Non-Penetrating Peak Pitched Roof Antenna Mount EZ PNP


Accommodates up to 18"
   and 24" DBS/ DSS Dish
   or can Hold up to Ten
   8" x 8" x 16" Standard
   Concrete Blocks for Ballast
Adjustable Dish Mounting
Heavy Duty Steel Const.

Made in USA

Made in the USA!

Price: $110.00
Manufacturer Code: 3S-PNP
Availability: Usually ships in 24 Hrs
Shipping: Can ship anywhere
Easy Up EZ-PNP Non-Penetrating Satellite Dish Pitched Roof Mount ONLY

Made in the USA!Made in the USA!
Is constructed of Pre-Galvanized Steel and uses standard concrete blocks to anchor. Base Plate Footprint is 9 x 6 inches, that Accommodates a wider Ranger of Foot-Plates. For use with DBS, Antenna and Satellite Internet systems where Penetration of the Roof or Mounting with Hardware is NOT an Option! (Dish Not Included). As with all 2nd source hardware, minor Field drilling may be required to attach in your particular installation scenario

  • Features:
  • Accommodates 18" and 24" DBS/DSS antennas
  • Holds up to eleven 8" x 8" x 16" standard concrete blocks for ballast or comes w/ pitch pad kit
  • Adjustable dish mounting plate
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Made in USA

Note: This Non-Penetrating Mount Series . The 1.66 inch Diameter Pipe size mounts AU9S Dish, DirecTV 5 LNB Dish AU9 Slimline, WildBlue, SuperDISH, DirecTV Ka/Ku (HD Dishes), Satellite Dishes compatible with the SuperDMount, DirecTV AT9, DBS Direct Broadcast Satellite and FTA Free to Air using a 1.66 inch OD Outside Diameter Mounting Pipe. In addition, it can be used in mounting some smaller Microwave PCS, Cellular, Broadband Wireless, Wireless Internet and Two Way Antennas compatible with 1.66 inch OD Pipe Mounting. I have enjoyed Installing this product line for Dish applications from Business and Internet on the tops of tall buildings to HD TV and zillions of channels for in-home use. And as with all items in this Product Line, Screws and Pitch Pads are included for Bolt-down versus Ballast applications. The Length of the mast is 30 inches based on engineering that incorporates consideration for typical Satellite Antenna Wind-load versus the Ballast that would keep either on target with minimal deviation and flex. As with all Ballast mounts, Structural Engineering consultations are recommended for all Roof Applications.
Specification Sheet
Spec Sheet
3 Star
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