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Non-Pen Mounts

FRM-150 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount with 58 inch x 1.50 inch OD Mast

Non-Penetrating Antenna Roof Mount
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Manufacturer Code: EZ-FRM-150
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        3S-FRM-150 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount -w- 1.50" x 58" Mast
Made in
 the USA!Made in the USA!
Ideal for Light Off-Air TV and Wireless Internet Antenna mounting, is constructed of pre-galvanized 12 Gauge steel, uses 6 standard concrete blocks to anchor, 35" x 35" base. Mast pipe length will be 58" actual length for shipping purposes.

ROHN Roof Mounts

Maintenance Free Non-Penetrating Roof Mounts

3 Star Inc's non-penetrating roof mounts meet a variety of communication tower needs. Our mounts will work for cellular, PCS, wireless cable, microwave, wireless internet, WiFi hot spots, DBS, MDS, MMDS and UHF/VHF reception.

Our non-pen roof mounts are designed and engineered to handle the job of getting above ground interference. Each mount has been researched and developed to serve a specific purpose.

Our non-penetrating roof mounts are either pre-galvanized or powder coated after fabrication meaning our roof mounts won't rust. With professionally engineered construction, you can be assured you're getting a virtually maintenance-free product built to the highest standards.

Non-pen mount features include:

  • Offer both Fixed Mounts and Ballast Roof Mounts.
  • Pre-galvanized for corrosion protection.
  • Varied mast heights available.
  • Varied mast pipe O.D. available.
  • Quickly shipped and quickly assembled.
  • Minimum bolted connections.
  • Engineering ballast tables available.
  • Optional roof pads and mats available.
  • Some models are UPS shippable.
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Masts OD:
1.5" (1)
Mast Length:
58" - Clear