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Non-Pen Mounts

ROHN FRM166 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount 1.66 inch OD Mast

ROHN FRM166 Non Penetrating Roof Mount
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Manufacturer Code: FRM166
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ROHN FRM166 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount 1.66 x 30 inch Mast
Made in the USA!Made in the USA!
This roof mount is able to support various Antenna EPA's depending on wind and Ballast load (see details). The base of the roof mount is 3’ square with a 16” tray to fit concrete blocks, typically used as ballast. The base mount and mast tube are 16 gauge Pre-Galvanized for corrosion protection.

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Masts OD:
1.66" - Clear
Mast Length:
30" (1)