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Hand Removal Tool for PPLT Locking Terminator for Subscriber Tap Port

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Manufacturer Code: PPLT-T
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Cable & Wire Shop's PPLT-T Locking Terminator Tool fits PPLT-75 PPLT-LR Terminators
For use with the HOLLAND Electronics PPLT-75 PPLT-LR Series locking terminators

Specification Sheet
Spec Sheet
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3 Star Inc has in stock, a large inventory of CATV Cable TV Broadband Conventional and/or Telephony taps and passives, Frequency passing from 550 MHz. to 1 GHz. We stock stretch/extension, high current, surge resistant and AC/RF bypass passives from Manufacturers such as:


Antronix, Lindsay, PCT,
Philips/Magnavox, Regal, Cisco-Scientific Atlanta

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