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LMR-400 UltraFlex 12 Foot Coaxial Cable Jumper with UHF PL-259 or N Connectors

Drop in Replacement for RG-8
Used in short antenna feeder runs
Choice of PL-259 or N Style Connectors
Can be weather Sealed (Optional)
Low Loss 50 Ohm Coaxial Cable

Price: $52.25
Manufacturer Code: LMR-400-UF-12
Availability: Usually ships in 24 Hrs
Shipping: Can ship anywhere

Cable & Wire Shop's LMR-400-UF 12' LMR-400 UltraFlex Coaxial Cable Jumper with PL-259 UHF or N Style Connectors

This is a Times Microwave Systems LMR-400-UF coaxial cable in 12 foot length, pre-connectorized with your choice of PL-259 or N style connectors on both ends. This is a flexible alternative to LMR-400 and is a drop in  replacement for RG-8 / 9913 Air dielectric type cables. Great for short antenna feeder runs, jumpers for wireless communications and any application that requires more flexibility.

This cable comes with 2 UHF PL-259 Connectors on both ends but can be upgraded with Male or Female N connectors. The N connectors are combined with CWS special Weather Seal making this cable a great outdoor choice. These cables are made to order and will, in most cases, ship same day.


LMR-400-UF Loss Table
Frequency (MHz) 30 50 150 220 450 900 1500 1800 2000 2500 5800
Attenuation dB/100 ft 0.8 1.1 1.8 2.2 3.3 4.7 6.2 6.8 7.2 8.1 13.0
Attenuation dB/100 m 2.7 3.5 6.1 7.4 10.7 15.4 20.2 22.3 23.6 26.6 42.6
Avg. Power kW 2.77 2.14 1.22 1.00 0.69 0.48 0.36 0.33 0.31 0.28 0.17
Note: Custom crafted lengths of this cable are available beyond those listed here. Contact us for your particular Application and Need. As always, bulk Quantities are available
Specification Sheet
Spec Sheet
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