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Large Pole to Pole Mast Mount Light Duty 4.00 inch OD

Zinc Plated
For Pipe 1.25" to 3" OD
5/16" Treaded 10" Rods

Price: $11.50
Manufacturer Code: EZ-EC-PTP-6
Availability: Usually ships in 24 Hrs

Easy Up EZ-EC-PTP-6 Pole to Pole Antenna Mast Mount up to 3.00" OD Light Duty

Designed to affix one mast to another of same or different size and OD. Perfect for utilizing available steel Pipes ,cross-frames and support members to attach a proper antenna mast upon to then properly mount your Wireless internet, HAM, CM, TV, Meteorological, or Business Radio Antenna. Attaches two pieces of tubing 1.25" OD up to 3" OD or 3" down to 1.25" O.D.

Kit Includes:
4  - 6" Clamps
2 - 5/16" Treaded 10" Rods
8 - Kept Lock Nuts
Zinc Plated

Note: I have used these to affix antenna masts of varying sizes to the steel tubing of parapet walls, fence posts, other mast poles, tower legs and steel framework.
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Choosing Pole to Pole Mounts

Our pole to pole mounts are designed to support most WiFi, PCS, cellular & TV antennas. Pole to pole antenna mounts allow you to vary the mounting pipe length and diameter. Pole mounts are pre-galvanized for corrosion protection, and can easily be shipped UPS.

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