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In-Wall Box Adaptor for LCD Mount IWB-1

- Installs between 16" centers
- Holds 15" – 32" flat panels
Price: $59.92
Manufacturer Code: IWB-1
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Video Mount Products IWB-1B LCD-1(B) and LCD-2537(B) uses In-Wall Box Adaptor

The IWB-1B is an in wall box adaptor that allows up to a 32" flat panel to fully collapse into a wall. It installs easily between two 16" on center wooden studs, has integrated cable and electrical knockouts and a high load capacity. The IWB-1B works with the LCD-1(B) and LCD-2537(B) mounts.

- Can be used as a pre-construction or retro-fit in wall box or in conjunction with the LCD-1B or the LCD-2537B for a "No Profile" flat panel installation
- Holds 15" 32" flat panels
- Installs between 16" centers
- Integrated cable (4) and electrical (2) knockouts
- Includes black adaptors for the LCD-1B and LCD-2537B
- Load capacity 50 lbs

Specification Sheet
Spec Sheet
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