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Holland Electronics STVC Satellite TV Signal Diplexer

Insertion loss: 1.0dB max
Min Rejection: 25dB/TV
Impedance 75 Ohms
SAT-Band DC Power Passive
for LNB Powering
Machined F-Connector Threads
Solder Back Cover

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Holland Electronics STVC Satellite TV Signal Diplexer
Appears on the DISH Network Approved List!

Allows the combining (or separating if used in the reverse ) of Off-Air / CATV (5 to 806 MHz) signals with satellite signals (950 to 2150 MHz) to a common cable. Separates TV and satellite signals prior to satellite receiver input and filters harmonics in the off-air spectrum from satellite conversion devices. DISH Network Approved, but not meant for Dish Pro Plus Installations (see DPD2).

spec. sheet

spec. sheet

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Specification Sheet
Spec Sheet
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DISH Network Approved

The DISH Network approved products list is issued by them and changes without notice. Approved Accessories are required from the Dish Antenna to the Receiver and all components used in mounting and grounding. Items developed and distributed directly from Echostar Satellite LLC are to be considered as acceptable by default. DISH Network develops this list to assure quality and longevity to your DISH Network experience.

Tested by their Labs and Approved by their Engineering Team, these parts represent high quality components that are utilized in other Installations as well. Not all parts used in DISH Network Installations are "Controlled Items" and "Custom" installations may require special materials not found on the list. A Prime example of this is RG11 cable, which is absolutely necessary for long distances between the Dish and the Receiver, but is not addressed at all by the "Approved" list. "Reasonable is as Reasonable does", if you find yourself in a particular "tight spot", ask a DISH Network Installer for advice, and then buy the materials needed from one of the same places they do!

These are the Products that appear directly on the DISH Network approved list. We have many more Products that Installers use that are not covered by any list. Feel free to browse for those items by Category directly! DISH Network in no way endorses this website or the Products carried by same that appear on their list.

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