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HOLLAND F56-324 RG6 F Type Cable Connector


Hex compression
Secure termination
Holland 6 Series
Use any .324 Hex Tool


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HOLLAND Electronics F56-324 RG6 Coax Integral Ferrule Hex Crimp F Type Connector
For RG6 Cable with 60% Braid Shield Coverage. This Gold Iridite Plated connector is an Excellent Economic Solution for Drop Distribution Systems of all Bandwidthes. If you have and older system that was installed using connectors that look like this one, either use this newer manufacture model or upgrade to a radial compression model.
Use HX-596Q (.324) Hex Crimper Tool

Note: This connector is a modern manufacture of an old design. We recommend this in repairing old system installation installed with older RG6 cable. Confine the use of this connector to interior and in-wall. If you are looking for exterior use connectors. We have 'em, go back to the category view and select.
Specification Sheet
Spec Sheet
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After WWII, 75 Ohm cable has been used as the Transmission Line of Choice for TV, Cable TV and Broadband Signals, Distribution Systems large and small, simply because of its plentiful abundance. As the Industry progressed, It seems there were 10 times as many Connectors as there was Coaxial Cable types, each requiring a Proprietary style of Tool to Fashion the connection with. Most Folks We know stick to using the Connector style that they were introduced to, and the Manufacturer, Make and Model that they have invested in via the Compression or Crimp Tool they own. Whereas before, when each manufactured cable type introduced was paired up with a specific Model Connector from one or several different Manufacturers, many have now settled on providing Connectors whose Braid, Shield and Jacket coverage range is broader in scope, encompassing the designed ability to fit many variations of a particular sized cable. Becoming Universal certainly has its advantages... And RG6 is now the minimum size recommended for any HDTV Satellite, Off-Air DTV or Satellite TV Install. So please consider a transitional investment towards the Universal RG6 Compression Connectors and Universal Compression Tools we offer, as the sourcing of those out-dated Connectors becomes more difficult!

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