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CATV Headend HMR 12-Slot Modular Chassis


Price: $73.50
Manufacturer Code: HMR
HOLLAND Electronics HMR 12-Slot Modular Chassis Rack for CATV SMATV Headend
Mini Modular Head-End System consists of 12-slot mounting chassis and power supply capable of holding any combination of 12 high-quality SAW modulators and/or demodulators.

Width: 19"
Height: 3.5"
Depth: 9"
Capacity: 12 Individual Slots(Not Including HMPS)

Specification Sheet
Spec Sheet
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CATV and SMATV System Headend Equipment, Digital Headend Equipment, Radio & TV Broadcasting Equipment, and headend racked equipment systems with Modulators, Processors, and demodulators from such leading manufacturers as:


Cisco-Scientific Atlanta, Motorola, Holland, and TVC

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