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Deluxe Pocket Hand Held Digital Multimeter DMM


Price: $12.34
Manufacturer Code: CTB9830
Stock Level: 1
Skywalker CTB9830 Deluxe Pocket Hand Held Digital Multimeter
The Model CT-9830 hand-held digital multimeter is pocket sized and measures DC and AC voltage, DC current, resistance and diodes. Includes 9-volt battery, testing probes and holster.

DC Voltage: 200mV-600V
AC Voltage: 200V-600V
DC Current: 200mA-10A
Resistance: 200 O - 2M O
Transistor Test: yes
Diode Test: yes
Data Hold: yes
Power Supply: 9V, 6F22
Maximum Display: 1999
Includes: 9-volt Battery, Testing Probes, Holster

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