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Line Powered Satellite Signal Finder with Audio Tone

Track any dish in minutes
Audio tone locates satellite
Headphones included
No batteries required
Compact, easy to hold
Handy detachable F-connector wrench
Gain: 17 dB
Sensitivity: 7 Micro Volts
Frequency Range: 950 - 2300 MHz
Operating Range: LNB Gain is 52-60 dB
Input Level: -10 dBm to -40 dBm
Power Supply: +13/+18 VDC from LNB
Price: $15.70
Manufacturer Code: SF100
Stock Level:
Availability: Discontinued
Shipping: Can ship anywhere
3 Star Inc SF100 Compact In-Line Powered Satellite Signal Finder with Audio Beeper Tone
This Satellite Seeker is an electronic measuring instrument for perfect adjustment of satellite antenna to the respective satellite. Powered by the batteries required!

Note: This Handy Little Toner is Great for adjusting and peaking the Signal Strength on a Satellite Dish. The Meter will emit an Audio Tone when the Satellite Signal is detected. You can make adjustments without a second Helper (No more yelling downstairs at the Wife and Kids!). Powered by the Receiver Voltage going to the LNB. No Batteries Required. Works great with DirecTV, Dish Network, C-Band and Ku-Band Satellite Systems.
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