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Broadband Home Coaxial Cable Isolator with Spike Protection CISP

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HOLLAND Electronics CISP RG Coaxial Cable Isolator with Spike Protection
Blocks 60 Hz Power up to 5,000 Volts Reduces the Energy Level of Spikes Eliminates Ground Loop Hum Available with Spike Protection Circuitry (CISP).

The CISP separates the coaxial cable ground for DC and low frequency currents while being Shielded and transparent to RF signals over 5MHz. It is used by most major cable TV companies around the world where home grounding is not successful and device damage and shock potentials are possible.

Specification Sheet
Spec Sheet
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Filters that are typically Notch (Channel Removal), Band Pass (Pass Specific Range) or Pass Band (Pass all BUT a Specific Range). If Installing a Filter that will affect an entire Network, it is best to install at Amplifier Input versus Output. Notch Filters are part of but not completely effectual alone for Channel Elimination. Common Band Pass and Pass Band Filter examples are Diplexers and Separators. Very Few Filters handle Voltage Pass, be Carefull to ascertain their Capability prior to Use.

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